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  • Face Up To Skin Cancer

    Daily use of an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer and premature aging.

    Many have shared their personal skin health stories about skin cancer to help bring awareness to skin cancer and the importance of every day sunscreen. Read their stories below.

    Disclaimer: In this section, you will find submissions put in by the public in response to the question "How do you #FaceUpToSkinCancer?" Please keep in mind that the submissions represent the views and opinions of each individual submitter and are not in any way endorsed by EltaMD. EltaMD has not reviewed these submissions for accuracy, and does not represent or warrant as to the accuracy of statements or product claims contained in the submissions.



    #FaceUpToSkinCancer My mom, dad, 2 sisters, and my oldest daughter have all had some form of skin cancer. Even though I am the one wearing sunglasses and a hat, under an umbrella, covered up with a sheet, and wearing sunscreen, I knew it would be a matter of time. My parents idea of sunscreen ...

    when I was little...was put on a t-shirt. In August 2018 I went in for my annual skin check, and sure enough my number came up. Squamous cell skin cancer for me. Finished treatments on my leg and face in November 2018. In March 2019 back to the Dr with a few areas of concern. New areas on my face, this time only 3 instead of 31. Chest, legs, and arms this time too. I really do believe in sunscreen, and preach the importance of skin protection. Know the risks, know your SPF number, and make sunscreen part of your daily routine! Your skin needs to last a lifetime. I will have a lifetime of skin cancer treatments, that could have been avoided with just a few minutes of using sunscreen every day.



    As a Esthetician I know first hand how important it is to protect the skin from the dangers of the sun and UV exposure. It’s so rewarding educating my clients on sun protection, also being trained to spot dangerous skin cancers. Protecting, educating people one face at a time. I love EltaMD sunscreens because ...

    they have so many options for different skin types and conditions. Even though I don’t retail EltaMD at my practice it’s the only sunscreen I trust and recommend to my clients.

    C. Kris


    African American lady here. Living on the beach for many years forced me to have a quick, go-to all over skin care routine that's not too heavy or greasy and loaded with spf. My facial moisturizer with spf is mandatory even on my no make up days I apply EVERY SINGLE DAY without exception. ...

    Now living in a city, I find that using a semi-thick moisturing SPF "saves" my skin from pollution as well and assists with dry skin. All over body moisturizing does a couple of things: keeps your skin fab for YEARS and also its the time to look over your skin for abnormalities. I like a combo of lotion and spray spf for beach or if I'm planning to be outside most of day. Apply BEFORE leaving the house and use spay for reapplications/touch ups. I use the max spf at beach at all times if I can. Keep a mini tube of spf for when you wash your hands in public. If nothing else spf applications keeps me feeling cooler on really hot days. I'm a 52.



    After losing a very young friend to skin cancer, I see the importance of protecting not only myself, but my family. With this new technology and new product, why chance it? It's just a no brainer. #FaceUpToSkinCancer



    After many years with out wearing sunscreen my dermatologist recommended laser treatment to treat my lessons from sun damaged skin. Now that I had three treatments I can say I will never go with out sunscreen ever again and with that being stated EltaMD is my favorite brand to wear because it’s lightweight and ...

    goes on smoothly. Attached is a photo after a couple laser treatments. Thank you EltaMD



    After my friend died from melanoma, I am more conscious of the importance of protecting my skin even on cloudy days. I can still hear her words, “wear your sunscreen!” I also invested in a great hat for extra protection on those long walks along the shores of Lake Michigan.



    As a breast cancer survivor, it’s just not worth it to NOT wear sunscreen!I have it everywhere... ??,work, jacket pockets in every bag!!! EltaMD is my go to because it’s Zinc and really does an amazing job at keeping wrinkles and those dreaded sunspots off my face!! #faceuptoskincancer



    Actually my dermatologist suggested this sunscreen brand for my acne prone skin. I use sunscreen and have switched to self tanner and avoid going anywhere near a tanning bed!



    Being a California native, I grew up with the long, hot days of summer, the sun rising to it's Apex and beating down on us. We had liquid sunshine three quarters of the year, and as a youth I took full advantage of that and was a year round competitive swimmer. From an early ...

    age we knew to gravitate towards any shade we could find and tarps were erected when there was none. We knew that sun could sap our energy and that sun burns hurt but knew little how very much the sun could effect your over all health. It wasn't until I became a mom and we all started learning about how very much those rays could hurt us that I became a sun screen fanatic, determined that my children would become well versed in applying that skin saving cream before enjoying mother nature. Too bad that it was well after my first diagnosis of skin cancer, caught in time, and treated, I was lucky and I knew that years out in the sun had taken it's toll. I learned from my doctor's how very important it is to be pro active and take precautions, sun screen being in mine and my childrens every day repertoire. I go in for screenings and skin check ups, and have caught growths in time and know what to look for. My children do too, baseball player and cross country runner respectively, and we all know prevention is key and sun screen is a necessity.



    I am a flower farmer and I’m quite fair. I can’t always completely cover up because it just too warm in the summer months so I rely 100% to protect against skin damage by using ElatMD daily. I always wear a hat as well. As I approach almost 60 years old I can see ...

    the results from daily skincare protection! Thank you for creating such a nice product that works beautifully on sensitive skin. I also suffer from very severe rosacea.



    I have been going to a dermatologist approximately every two years to get a skin review. This helps ease my mind about skin cancer. My mom and grandmother both had some cancerous spots removed. We are very fair colored skinned and I feel it’s very important to wear sun screen every day. My makeup ...

    foundation contains sunscreen. I make sure to apply sunscreen often while at the lake. You really have to #FaceUpToSkinCancer and try your best to prevent it.



    I’ve been a nurse for ten years and have been witness to the effects that skin cancer and subsequent treatment has on patients lives. I treat every patient encounter as an opportunity to educate on the importance of daily sunscreen use and the importance of reapplying through out the day. This is critical given ...

    we’re located on the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast where the majority of leisure time is spent out doors on the water for the better part of the year.


    North Carolina

    My sunscreen story began in 1989 in Atlanta. Presented a white mole above my upper lip to dermatologist. Biopsy was positive for Basal Cell cancer. I lived in the south and loved the outdoors and sunshine. When he was bringing the scalpel to my face to remove the cancer, I asked him if this ...

    meant no more sitting in the sun. His comment and I will never forget it: "You can sit in the sun without sunscreen and a hat if you like, and visit me often to do this. " That cured me. I did not like stitches in my face and the recovery. I have worn sunscreen every day since. The upside: People tell me all the time how young I look and cannot believe my age. My secret: I wear sunscreen every day, wear a hat, stay out of direct sun when I can. I then lived 20 years at the Atlantic Ocean. Didn't go out without my Sunscreen.



    One tiny spot which was biopsied 5 years ago looked different to me. The dermatologist did not think it was unusual. She opted for another biopsy and turned out it was early stage melanoma. Two surgeries and a 5” scar later it is all removed. I am religious about sunscreen and love the EltaMD ...

    clear product for my face.


    New Jersey

    I face up to skin cancer everyday by providing education, screening, and prevention by stressing the importance of sunscreen, especially your products, as a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner. My biggest goal is to educate patients in a way where they understand the importance of protecting their skin. I #faceuptoskincancer by being proactive with ALL of ...

    my patients, not reactive!

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