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#1 Dermatologist-Recommended Professional Sunscreen Brand


Our Story Old

From Healing to Protecting

We made the journey to the US in 1988. Backed by science and a deep medical heritage, what started as a little Swiss secret quickly became the trusted choice for wound care and healing products by hospitals and physicians around the world. In 2007, we expanded from healing skin to include protecting skin with the launch of our cosmetically elegant line of sunscreens.

Trusted By Experts

We are the number one trusted, recommended and personally used professional sunscreen by Dermatologists in the US*. Our Sun Care, Skin Care and Aesthetic Care products are formulated for every skin type, lifestyle and condition to protect, renew and heal skin health.

From Innovation to Advocacy

Our mission goes beyond efficacy to advocacy, championing sun safety awareness across the country by partnering with organizations who share our commitment to skin protection for EVERY BODY EVERY DAY.

Sun Bus Mobile Skin Cancer Screening and Sun Safety Education Tour

In partnership with Dermatologists and research organizations, we provide free skin cancer screenings and sun safety education across the state of Colorado.

Burn Camps

We also support health care professionals and nonprofit organizations who help those who have experienced burn trauma. Our sunscreen and skin care products help vulnerable children live freely under the sun during camp while developing sun-smart habits.



* U.S. Sunscreen dispensing dermatologists study, Decision Analyst 2020 

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