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    This page serves as the official reference for the EltaMD® brand and graphic identity standards. It should be used by EltaMD customers, employees and suppliers when developing communication materials that represent EltaMD products. By adhering to brand standards and guidelines listed here, we ensure that we communicate a consistent EltaMD brand message—one associated with trust, expertise and quality. Please direct any questions to the Brand Manager. Any deviations from or exceptions to the prescribed guidelines require the prior approval of the Brand Manager. Thank you for using the EltaMD®brand elements as presented here to develop your business

    EltaMD Logo - Sun Care

    Use with EltaMD sunscreens only

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    EPS  JPG

    EPS  JPG

    EPS  JPG

    EPS  PNG

    EltaMD Logo - Skin Care

    Use with EltaMD moisturizers, cleansers and eye gel only

    EPS  JPG