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#1 Dermatologist-Recommended Professional Sunscreen Brand

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Welcome to EltaMD Live Events where you can get tips and advice from our Authorized Skin Care Professionals and their Guests, interact with them in real-time, and shop your favorite products!

EltaMD Live Events Shopping:

Have you discovered EltaMD Live Events Shopping? Just add an upcoming event to your calendar, then join the live broadcast when it’s time. Get ready for the ultimate virtual experience! Our Authorized Skin Care Professionals and Guests will showcase a number of products and provide valuable tips and information too. Have questions during the broadcast? Just type them in the chat and we will answer them. And if you see something that inspires you, you can click on shopping bag icon (as the broadcast continues) and add it to your cart for purchase.

Tune in and discover EltaMD Live Events Shopping. We’ve even given you access to previously recorded events. Just scroll through our library anytime you want to explore our shoppable videos.

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